The Boat of the Month for February

Scarab 650 folding trimaran

scarab 650

The Scarab 650 has been a very popular design with over 80 plans sold throughout the world.

Scarab 650

The design has been detailed for foam sandwich construction with notes for building in plywood if that is desired.

The Scarab 650 is a trailable boat with no need to use moorings or marinas: the boat can be kept at home in the driveway or shed. It is easy to launch and can be set up ready to sail more quickly than a demountable trimaran. If kept light it is ideal for racing or overnight camping for a couple.
A used rig from a 20' beach catamaran can be used to save money. A furler on the jib or screecher can make changing head sails painless.

Drawings for the Scarab 650

More pictures of the boat

Links to building this boat

The price of the full plans has been reduced from $150 AUD to $100 AUD for February.

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